Petroc Pavilion College – Devon

Our design criteria was to be fun, fitting an up and coming college for young people. This was designed to sit within the centre of the glass conservatory. We manufactured the square counter to give access from all sides with a central preparation area. We used contrasting colours of Fiesta Reef on the corners and a timber front with a concrete slab looking top with a down stand which enabled us to illuminate underneath the top to give the added WOW factory and finished the design off with stainless steel catering equipment.


Liverpool Women’s Hospital – Liverpool

Design brief was to create a ‘Starbucks’ coffee outlet in the newly refurbished main entrance to Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Design criteria to include small prep area to rear with limited cooking. We manufactured the prep area counter tops in Staron Pebble Ice which is a solid surface material also we made the counter top to drop half way down the front of the counter as requested by the client. This material has no joints that are seen once this is sanded. The catering equipment supplied was mainly in stainless steel to give a nice contrast to the Oak front counters leaving the area looking inviting, fresh and clean.

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Scunthorpe Hospital – Catering Facility

This challenging design was to create a kitchen within a kitchen for the public restaurant. The design encompassed a full flow food hall with hot and cold areas plus central tabling for fruit and a special juice bar, all to be contained within its own lockable enclosed area. We manufactured the counters in the contrasting gloss white and black tops which shows off the curves of the main counters along with the olive green walls gives a fresh and inviting look to the area and finishing off with the stainless steel catering equipment.


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Airbus – Brize Norton

We were charged with two designs on two separate floors, both designs were to be similar in style and services. The designs were to be clean and fresh so we manufactured the counters in gloss White and gloss black tops giving the kitchen area a fresh look and finished off the design with stainless steel catering equipment which gives a neat and stylish look.